Why Onlyfans?

Since I've gone live with my Onlyfans account last week I've had a few people ask me why I've headed over to that platform to host my content. Thera re a few reasons for this so instead of answering people individually I thought I'd write a blog to explain.

If you haven't already read my blog post on my thoughts around paying for the content you like then you can go read it here. I suggest you do read it so it gives a more rounded perspective on what I'm going to expand on here.

So now you know my thoughts on that. Lets look at the platform I'm already using as well as the social media I spend time on.

Firstly I use Clips4Sale to sell my clips. For the last 6 years it's been the only source of income from my clips. It's not the easiest site to upload to nor is it the easiest for the consumer to navigate. But still it does have it's advantages. It drives the customers to your page so added to my own promotion it does ok. The downside is that I know nothing about my customers other than the ones who get in touch regarding custom clips. I don't get any feedback and I can't interact with them.

Twitter gets a lot of my attention due to it being interactive. There are lots of people who want to interact with you, mostly not the ones who want to pay for your content so you have to be discerning with your time and energy on there. It can be a free- for- all for those who just want to perv over pictures and Dm you with inane chat about how they would love to come visit if they only had the time/money/courage/legs/brain…who knows, there will always be a reason for non commitment.

There is this blog. Admittedly this is something I've neglected a fair bit due to a variety of reasons. It's not very interactive, not many people comment, though I know a lot of people read it. There also comes a time when you feel you've said all that you need to say in depth and most of your audience will know your thoughts on particular subjects.

So that brings me onto Onlyfans. What draws me to it are a few things. It's ease of use. It's very easy to upload posts/pics/clips even from my phone on 4G. So I can post anywhere and don't need to wait until I'm home, or I've edited a clip. My Onlyfans is going to be a platform for so much more than just clips. There is already lots of pictures, a good number of clips and a few quick vids taken during sessions to let my fans see what a real session is like. There is also the opportunity for me to interact with the fans. They can comment on posts and I can reply. They can message me and I can message them. That's something not available on Clips4Sale and so far I am loving it. It gives me a great insight into what my fans actually love, what clips are the most popular and what people want to see more of. It's also an opportunity for my real fans to show their appreciation instead of just commenting how much they love my work. Seriously it takes a lot of time effort and energy to produce content  so please make an effort to show your appreciation to your favourite Mistress/Nurse/Content provider even if that's not me. As I've said before, if we don't feel appreciated then we will most likely stop producing the stuff you love. 

So how I see it working is this. At the moment the fee is about $12 per month. That is roughly the cost of one of my clips on my store. Once you've seen one clip then you're already getting a bargain. I have a back catalogue of around 300 medical clips. My plan is to slowly upload my whole back catalogue onto my Onlyfans. I will of course be uploading new content too. So my new clips will normally to straight to Clips4Sale as normal. If you are very impatient you can still go there to buy them. If you are happy to wait then you can sign up to OnlyFans and that clip will go live a few weeks after it is uploaded to Clips4Sale.

As my OnlyFans gets more of a library build up of all of my clips (this is 6 years worth of filming) then the price will go up slightly to reflect the huge amount of content but this will still be a bargain. As time goes on Onlyfans will end up bursting with every clip I've ever made, as well as all the new content coming, session clips, behind the scenes look at the clinic, how it is run, what procedures are carried out and how it is maintained. There will also be insights into the visitors who come along both patients and other Specialist Nurses (with their consent of course).

So to recap.

There will probably less free content going on Twitter and Fetlife (I've taken down most of my pics there)

My Clips4Sale will continue to get the clips uploaded first. Buy from here if you are impatient.

My Onlyfans will get all my old content as well as new clips after a few weeks, all my pics, sessions insight etc. Sign up here if you want to pay a one off monthly fee for all this content.


  1. Sounds like a brilliant way to do it Mistress - and very clear!

  2. I still just use C4S, but I definitely have to try Onlyfans...


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