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To Do Lists

Anyone who knows me will testify I live my life by my to do list. Not one single thing is organised in my life without a to do list. Even my blogs have a journal to write down all the ideas I have on blog posts 'to do' in the future. However I'm beginning to see how sometimes to do lists become something of a burden so in recent months I've decided to rename them to re-frame them. They are now my 'Want To Do' list. This makes the things on the list less of a burden and more of an enjoyment. Mental trickery aside, I have wanted to do a session 'Want To Do' list that I think will bring me (and hopefully those involved) a lot of fun this year. So here are the things that I will definitely have on my session 'Want to do list' 1. More bondage. Is that a surprise? No, I guess not. I do enjoy my bondage and more so in the last year when I've done a lot of extended 4 hour sessions. However, this year I want to do at least one 6 hour sess

Start the New Year as You Mean To Go On

So the New Year brings lots of thoughts of new starts or in many cases to start something new. Indulging in BDSM is no different than any other pastime in that respect. The beginning of January always brings me a deluge of new applicants who have decided for one reason or another that this year is finally going to be the year they indulge in this side of life and off they toddle to the internet to get their needs met. I can honestly say that out of all the applicants that I get at this time of year around 10% pique my interest enough for me to follow up their application and an even lower percentage actually make it through the door to my premises. There are many reasons for this, but the main one by far is that no thought, effort or research had gone into the application. They may well be the best thing since sliced bread but they've not shown that best side to me, so therefore they get discarded. They could also just be someone who is wasting my time which seems to happen mor

Happy New Year

Well Hello to 2017. I cannot believe it's the beginning of a new year and I have no idea where the time has gone. This time last year saw me planning something big. That something big meant a home move for me twice within the space of the year. Due to the whole upheaval of that, as well as the mental energy needed, many of my plans for my premises had to be put on hold. I just never got round to finalising them. So for those interested I've still got a few modifications in the pipeline for my place which I'm hoping will definitely be completed sometime this year. Now that I've got my moves out of the way I can get back to giving my time to the planning and implementing of such endeavours. One of my chaps had mentioned to me in session sometime in December that he thought I had been a bit lazy this year with my usual physical challenges! Don't worry dear reader, I made sure my idleness stopped there and then with the treatment (below) to his nether regions!