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What's the Attraction - Nebuliser Therapy

On the face of it, it seems simple. And of course it is. It’s just a mask, an atomiser pushing atmospheric air into your airways and with it adding some particles to the air that you wish to add. In the medical field that is usually a drug to open the airways. In my practice this is not really required but that would be a benign reason not to use it in some context. Therefore, I will use poppers with it so that the poppers get to blast right to where I want them very quickly. Of course inhaling them directly does the exact same, but being administered by a particular nurse, her having control of your medication and for her to give and take as much as she likes with you gives it another element before you even consider the audio and visual element of tubing and the air compressor. Just a nice little added touch to your treatment. Especially if it’s a treatment that the nurse is needing to give her full attention elsewhere. It means that you’re still getting your fix and hit, she has de

What's the Attraction

Quite often I get asked by visitors to my premises about the attraction of other fetishes, ones they perhaps don't understand or hadn't thought of. This happens a lot around medical fetish. A number of people who come to see me don't understand it, just don't get what exactly could be enjoyed in that environment. That is until I enlighten them, and enlighten them I do! I've decided therefore to do a series of enlightening posts (ok, probably more just a tiny bit of insight but I can aspire surely!). These posts will be entitled What's the Attraction followed by the particular activity or element of what it is I do and what others enjoy.  This won't be exclusively all about medical but it will lean heavily towards it basically due to the fact that you can find hundreds of articles online examining the attractions of spanking or bondage. I will do dungeon ones but the series will lean more heavily towards medical. This is the area that has more myst

The Return

Here I am stuck at an airport having had a storm get in the way of my travel plans back home and I've decided to update you all about my return. Firstly though, those who follow my tweets will be aware that I popped into Mr S Leathers in San Francisco while on my road trip to get my fix of all things bondagey. I'm sure I don't need to remind you all of how much I love bondage and the smell and touch of leather restraints. Nobody quite has a showroom like Mr S Leathers. Due to weight restraint though (restraint of a bad kind) I had to curtail my urge to purchase a whole load of new bondage gear. What I did come back with though is a fabulous set of bondage straps as seen in this link  here . They might not look very sexy in and of themselves, though I think they do. They give me so many opportunities to tie all you bondage bunnies off to various pieces in the dungeon and cell as well as being restraints simple but effective enough to be used on their own. I'm