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How long does it take?

I saw someone recently who mentioned that it had taken him a long time to finally step into this world. Though it had been part of his psyche since he was a child. That’s a story I hear a lot and have had many conversations regarding this over the years. He almost apologised for taking so long to come see me. I sometimes joke with people about how long it has taken them to contact me. So far I think the record has been 6 years it has taken one person to finally make the move to step into their desires and contact me.  Even though I joke, I totally understand why it takes someone so long to finally make the move. I’m not an impulsive person myself and take ages over making a decision, weighing up the pros and cons and making sure the decision I’ve made is the best one. So not only do I understand, I empathise. Sometimes it can be crippling to make a huge decision. Sometimes you need to just go with your immediate gut reaction. However, for lots of people this is not possibl