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Typical Submissive V's The Stereotypical

When I get an application that mentions they are not the typical type of submissive my heart sinks somewhat. For what is the typical submissive? Certainly I've never met a typical submissive. I've come to notice certain personality traits. However, they are just a rough generalisation, not an absolute, it could never be an absolute. The above statement is usually accompanied by an insight into why the person does not see themselves as the typical kind of submissive I see. They go on to further explain that they are very dominant in their vanilla life, they don't like to be treated like a worm, don't think they could crawl on the floor and be treated like something less than human. The statement is usually always made loaded with negative assumptions, which I'm sure I don't need to point out. My heart sinks for a few reasons. One being that the person typing said statement has just insulted not only me but every person whom I engage with in my premises. They

I'm back

This is just a quick update as I'm in the midst of a very busy week. I'm back from my travels and jaunts. As it's my birthday week I've been a busy lady with lots of stuff going on so this is the first chance I've had to write anything. Thanks for the birthday wishes and gifts from those that remembered, smacked bottoms to those that didn't! I've got a few blogs floating about in my head but need time to really think them through properly,so in the meantime, here are a few pic of the non fet variety just to verify that the life of a World Class Dominatrix is not all latex and whips.....fact! Oh look, feet. Now go worship, you know you want to!!! My Medical Clips4Sale Store