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Crossdressers of the world, unite and take over!

Thank you to those who have been in touch to comment on how much they enjoy the blog. I told you I wasn't giving up, just being busy elsewhere. So I'm still extremely busy. I do have some previously written blogs that I'll drip feed you all while I'm too engrossed elsewhere to write new stuff. On that note, the stuff I'm involved with is getting more and more exciting, unfortunately I cannot reveal any more as I am under legal obligation not to say another word....oh I love being a dark horse! On the subject of writing I think I'm now up to date with my emails but if you're still waiting on a reply from me and not heard anything then send another email as things sometimes get overlooked or get lost in the ether. Now onto the blog proper! I've said in the past that I have a very visual memory. Which is good, because if I didn't then I'd have no memory to speak of. However, apart from aiding my memory it adds to my kink. I've been told in


I've decided to write a blog to explain why I've not been writing blogs....ohh the irony! So this is the long drawn out version, it may well get boring. The short version is I was spending too much time online. Right you can go back to your book now, or if your book is boring then the rest of this post might be marginally less so. The choice is yours...:) As my readers will be aware I've taken a bit of a break from posting on twitter and doing blogs. With that has come some concern from quite a number of my regular visitors. I've had concerned emails and lots of chats pre-session with people wondering what's going on. Firstly let me say that contrary to some worry, I'm not anywhere near retiring, quite the opposite. I'm actually very busy these days with sessions and have had to sadly turn people away as it's not been possible to fit everyone in and also keep myself sane. So nope, I'm not going anywhere. Having said that I've got a very excit