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Extending Things

I know I write a lot about bondage. I know some of you who are not into bondage may get bored, tough! I also know that a lot of my pictures show bondage. You get the picture of how much I like bondage. Now I have a confession to make....there is one type of bondage I haven't really immersed myself in (the pun will be revealed just in a moment!) I haven't done much long term, extended bondage. There I said it. For a bondage lover I feel I've let the side down. However, I've decided to rectify this and make the latter part of 2016 the year of long term bondage. No, I'm not seriously going to put someone in bondage for the rest of the year, stay with me here....I'm just making a conscious effort to do more longer and less interactive bondage. Let me explain why. I always like to be hands on. I get such a buzz out of getting reactions, whatever they may be from my slaves and playthings. While in bondage they have nowhere to go but to just sit/lie/hang the

The Hunteress in Residence

Well it's been almost 6 months since you guys had the pleasure of serving The Hunteress so no doubt you are all getting withdrawal symptoms. Fear not, she will be back with us again in Scotland fairly soon. The dates you can mark off in your diary are 19/20/21st May. Get organised soon people because we have already had a number of requests for appointments. As you no doubt know The Hunteress is an expert in Cp, bondage, interrogation and general female domination as well as being a fantastic partner in crime with me in the medical clinic.  Applications should be made in the usual way. Those not known to either of us will require to pay a deposit. My Medical Clips4Sale Store