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Epic Fail

I mentioned on twitter the other day about my recent bondage failure. It made me laugh so much. I had said gent on my bondage rack, strapped in with the four  straps across his body, when he suddenly removed his left hand and scratched his nose. Once I was done laughing I added in wrist cuffs and shackled them to the bench too, and then ramped up the electrics on his cock! I really don't think this guy could have managed to release his hand to scratch his nose. Just proving to myself at least that I can still manage a decent enough bondage scenario....:)

Kili update

You will all let me know when you get bored of this won't you....:D Anyway, this is just a quick update to say my fund raising so far has reached approx £2500. I've still got a bit to go to get to my target so have a few more fund raising ideas and events planned. If you're not aware, I'm doing the trek to raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care. I popped into their fund raising office this week for some promotional material for my events and was given a guided tour around the hospice. I'm amazed at the work they do and it was humbling to see where the funds go, and what they can provide with all the donations everyone has made. To those of you who've donated either by sponsorship or my auction I'd like to thank you so those not yet donated.....then you're due a good thrashing! I'm probably going to be taking a break in August before heading off for my trek in September. So for the month of July I'm offering to add a half hour to ea

My love of Bondage

Anyone who views my blog can tell I have a bit of a passion for bondage. Where I am now with bondage is far removed from when I started unsurprisingly. This means I now enjoy rope, leather, furniture, steel and any other kind of bondage you can imagine.  However, it's not always been the case, and bondage was never my fist love. When I first started out exploring the play element of D/s, long before becoming a Pro-Domme, I saw bondage as purely a means to an end. Certainly it still can be a quick way to restrain someone for another purpose, but in the early days that's the only real value I saw in bondage. To immobilise or restrict my play partner so that I could do bad things to him. Even then, sometimes I was a bit intimidated by bondage, especially rope bondage. It took time and effort which meant that there seemed like a build up, and then the realisation of having someone now very much bound, maybe in a hogtie and faced with that moment of 'what shall I do with him now