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Reminder of holiday dates and new session days

I'm going to be away again at the end of September into October. My last session day is Friday 23rd September and my first session day on return will be Wednesday 12th October. For the foreseeable future I've decided to only session 3 days per week. The days I will be available will be Wed/Thu/Fri each week. Once I return from my holiday I will no longer be offering weekend or Monday/Tuesday appointments. I intend to spend my long weekends doing other activities that feed my soul and ensure I return to sessioning every week fired up and raring to go. Obviously any weekend or Monday sessions already booked in the meantime will be honoured. Due to my limited availability you may well have to book well in advance for a particular time or day.....but hey, as they say in the ads....I'm worth it!

Festival and Sessions

I dipped my toes back into socialising again last night when I went to see this amazing woman at the Edinburgh Festival. As usual she was fab. She finished up with  this song , which is my all time favourite and strangely appropriate at the moment. In other news I'm back sessioning now so normal service of sorts has been resumed. I am busy with other stuff so emailing for sessions is more likely to get a response. If you must phone then just keep trying, as you can appreciate I'm surrounded by family a lot at the moment so taking calls is not ideal.