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I'd rather Iggy, than Twiggy any day!

I know this picture has been around for a little while, and been commented on lots in other blogs. The caption says it all for me really. I enjoy cross dressing as part of a session, where I'm in control and it's not all about the preening and the pouting in the mirror. I'm far too hands on to be wasting time on that. What I love more than anything else is, when I dress someone in womens underwear and they look so proud to be in it, like they belong. As Iggy says, it's not shameful to be dressed as a woman. When someone can embrace another side of themselves, a side that society as a whole tries to hide, it can be liberating, both for them, and for me. Why should it be shameful to look and act like a woman? Is it because we are inferior? Is it because we don't have some of the same qualities and attributes as the male gender, qualities and attributes that society deems more worthy in a person? Or is it just simply that some men don't feel they look particularly

Kilimanjaro Kick Start

My training for Kilimanjaro has not quite started yet. At the moment I'm not allowed to do my running for another 2 weeks and it's another 8 weeks before I can do the Boot Camp I've signed up for. I'm getting itchy feet with all this inactivity. So I've headed back to the gym a couple of times this week, just to do some power walking and power cycling. The temptation to just go for it with the running is killing me.....but I'm being very restrained, for once! So given the training can't quite start yet my thoughts have turned to the other side of the challenge, the fund raising side. I've had a bit of inspiration to kick start the funds coming in. In fact I've now got loads of ideas running around in my head (well at least there is some running going on, and I don't need to worry about any damage done with that type!). Anyway back to my despite my last blog about not always getting what you want, I'm going to turn that on it&#