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New Website

I've been working on my new website for some time now as some of you know. I feel as if I've done nothing but live, eat and breathe this website for months now. And after all that work, what have I produced? Well it looks like I've produced something very similar to my previous site, and perhaps the one before. Maybe I have no imagination, or maybe I know what I like. Well I certainly know what I like. Getting it to translate onto something on my screen has not always been easy or manageable. With some of the layout, colour and visuals I feel quite frustrated as I'm no expert, which means I end up compromising and going with what I can make happen on the screen. I've had some very valued input from someone who knows an awful lot more than me about the technical side of things, and very grateful for that input I am too, especially as this person has a busy life too. Having said that, I want to stand on my own two feet with my website.  I want to do a

Limited availability and month long break.

It's now around 9 weeks until I head off to Tanzania. With the added training I need to put in, my fund raising events and some other projects I've got on the go, my session availability will be somewhat limited. I was planning to take a break in August but have had a total rethink and have now made definite plans to holiday straight from my trip to Tanzania. Therefore, I will be having a break from sessioning for a full month. The dates are from around the 3rd week in September until the same time in October. With this limited availability I'm giving my regular slaves/subs and clients plenty of warning to book their appointment early or at least be prepared to be fairly flexible with your session requests.   Now, just because you've all waited nearly a month for a new blog, and all you get is this......let me remind you of what I look like (well the bits that I show here!) Here's a sneak preview of a shoot I've done recently with my very talented and much