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My New Galleries

Are now live on my site.... here . As you can see my little web-slave has been busy.............Enjoy!

Rogues Gallery

As promised.....:)  He is smiling...honest!  He's not so happy! I said smile for the camera...I'm sure he did!  

Snow called off play

I hate the snow. I had a pervy day arranged with a whole host of other players today, was even planning doing my first Double Domme session in a while, but alas, the lack of gritters has put that on hold for the time being. So I'm stuck and thought I'd use the time productively. A new gallery is going to be added to my site soon, so I'm looking through all my folders for shots I want on there. I've also come across quite a few that are not exactly gallery material...but worth sharing. Now the dilemma is, shall I show some nice leather bum shots of me....or a rogues gallery of all my subs and sluts who make me smile so much...oh decisions, decisions...! Ok, leather bum shots it is, maybe the subs and sluts will make it on here later in the day. You might even recognise yourself! Ok, so they are not all bum shots, but hey I'm allowed artistic licence!

More Suspension Toys

As well as my recently purchased suspension wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs, I've invested in another few attachments to have fun with a willing victim while he/she is suspended. I bought a nice lattice sling while I was in Berlin. I had doubts at first as to whether the lattice sling would work, and work just as well as a full sling. What I would say is I've been pleasantly surprised by it's versatility. The lattice nature means I can still spank/crop and flog a bottom while it's in the sling.....and so much more. I've also added a new leather harness from here . As well as the dome suspension bar here. This gives me the opportunity to have the person suspended in an upright sitting position with access to all areas....happy days! Can you tell I'm going through a suspension phase. No doubt I'll be back on the medical sites purchasing more goodies for there soon. In the meantime, here is a glimpse of another new toy just purchased.....mmm

I Love

This woman. I think she is beautiful, sexy, alluring and just all round amazing. If I was lesbian, she'd be the first one I'd be lusting after! You can see just how versatile her performances are by  this performance on the Jools Holland Show. I've seen her a few times live and never been disappointed. She just oozes madness which I can identify with. However, the way she acts on stage or how she looks is only a small part of the attraction. In  this interview and also  this interview she talks about how she feels about her performances. A lot of what she says I can identify with, especially her relationship with the audience and how she unravels during the show. I feel the same about sessioning, how I unravel during the session, not physically, but mentally. Sessions allow me to be different things during the same session. I enjoy being evil, nasty, playful, mad, affectionate, powerful etc. I like to think that when I'm there, in the moment, the person I'm

Scrotal infusion, futher thoughts

I've had quite a few emails with comments regarding the scrotal infusion since that blog has gone live. Mostly people are of the impression that you need to be a hard core masochist to enjoy something that distorts and modifies your body so much. As far as I'm concerned that is not true. Firstly, yes there is pain when the venflon is introduced to the scrotum, but not much more than an ordinary needle going in, something that though painful is very transient. Once that pain subsides there is very little discomfort afterwards. The scrotum itself will stretch and accommodate the extra fluid quite easily. Obviously this depends on how loose the sack is to start with, having a warm shower, and covering the area with a warm towel beforehand help to bring the testes down out of the body cavity somewhat and stretches the scrotum to allow for a bit of manoeuvrability which you also need to make sure the testes are right out of the way before introducing the venflon. So technical stuf


Just a little gallery of pain and punishment that have made me smile.

Experimenting with Chastity.

Recently I had decided to put one of my slaves into a chastity device prior to his session for a short period. We had never explored it before but had discussed it. Now was a perfect opportunity for both of us. He was going to be taking some time away from work and I was going to be in the near vicinity if an emergency arose and he needed out of it. Being the key holder with just one key meant I had control and could still make the decision about when and if he got out. So the short period before his session went without a hitch. I used the CB2000 which fitted him perfectly. I've tried it before with someone else who has a tight scrotum so it was not ideal for him unfortunately. Anyway, my particular slave on this occasion managed it well with no major complaints. There was only slight discomfort at times when trying to bend down in tight trousers etc. When it came time for him to present himself at my premises he walked gingerly up the stairs and into the chambers, while I had fun

New Pictures

I've only managed to find room for a handful of pictures on my site, so here is another little selection until I get time for a gallery. I know we've seen these shoes before, but they are my favourites at the moment. This is a lovely latex apron made for me and if you cannot see it properly the funnel is attached to an inflatable gag for watersports....latex lends itself so well to watersports scenes! Just showing a bit of leg! A lovely POV (point of view) shot from inside the gas mask with the breathing hose leading away from it. Can you tell I love my apron? A POV shot for shoe and foot worshippers to enjoy. Am I showing my stocking top?? Is that the reason for the sharp intake of breath?, no it's the thought of the gas mask!!