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It's Not All Bad Medicine You Know!

As some of you know, I had the pleasure of sessioning with the lovely Rebekka Raynor  recently. In between beatings and the bad slave ripping off his rubber restraints (well it was a rather sadistic session!) she happened to mention that she'd had a conversation with someone recently who was under the impression that I only conduct medical sessions these days. I can understand why that misconception has arisen. I do post a lot of medical pictures on twitter and even my blog posts lean heavily towards the medical side. To be honest, over the years my medical session have certainly increased as I've invested more in my clinic. However, I very much still conduct and thoroughly enjoy my other sessions too.  I was wondering why my pictures give the impression of medical only. One conclusion I came up with is that the sessions themselves can in some ways be quite different. The energy is different. In the dungeon I can be fast paced, moving from one piece of kit to the next

The Benefits of Genital Shaving

To shave or not to shave, that would be the question if it wasn't so damn obvious that the answer is YES! So as you can see here I am in my medical clinic giving my patient a pre-op shave. I actually quite enjoy the  act of shaving someones genitals. There is something very trusting about letting a woman, especially one who can be a little bit sadistic at times, loose on the genital area with a (surgical) razor. It can be another act of giving up control, coming out of the comfort zone and just trusting (hoping and praying) she knows what she is doing. Lets face it, there is a lot of saggy skin there and a wide margin for error during this procedure. Is it any wonder most of my patients don't fidget while I'm carrying out this delicate procedure! Or perhaps they just enjoy the comfort of the shave itself. The warm flannel to loosen the skin, the soft lather of the shaving foam, the methodical way in which the shave is done. Making sure no areas are missed. The cares