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Cock up?

Or balls up? I have been doing a medical supplies order and rearrangement of my clinic. This meant I came across some 500ml bags of saline that expires the end of March 2013. How remiss of me not to rotate my stock! Given that, I'm opening up my appointments for anyone who wants to try scrotal inflation. Normally my sessions are not activity led, but just this once, if anyone who regularly visits me and fancies trying this activity then you're welcome to request. Similarly, if we've not met in person yet but you would like to try this you can send me an email via my medical site here, and if you seem like someone I'd enjoy having in my clinic then we can certainly arrange an appointment for said treatment. Please note that scrotal inflation takes a bit more time so a 90 minute appointment is the minimum to carry out this treatment effectively.

Plans for 2013

I don't think I've officially said Happy New Year to my readers, how remiss of me. So here it is, I hope you all had a good one and are looking forward to the year ahead. Last year saw me increase the rubber and latex gear I have at the premises as well as some very cool new medical kit. I've not managed to showcase my new medical stuff despite one of the pieces being in my possession for almost 9 months. I've had a grand plan to revamp my medical site and although that is definitely nearing completion now, it has taken a lot longer than I anticipated. Mostly due to me changing my mind about a few things. Given that, any sessions that have been photographed with the new kit have not been blogged about, and certainly the pics have not been shared. I like to make a dramatic entrance, and that's exactly what I want with my new website so no sneak previews of the kit until it's on the website. No point going live with it for people to feel it's just a reh

Training of a Slut

The following blog is written in collaboration with the slut's Goddess. I'd like to thank her for her input both in the post and in session. I hope you all enjoy! He is a slut, no doubt about it. He might hide it well from most but those closest know it well. This is why he needs to be taken in hand and have his urges and desires controlled. His Goddess has taken control of him totally, most importantly sexually. This means she has stopped his obsessive wanking, but he still needs control and punishment from time to time. That control and punishment takes the shape of two Goddesses enjoying what we do best. First he needs to be dressed appropriately. We get him dressed in slutty hold up stockings, thigh high rubber boots, red underwear, slutty rubber mini skirt and corset. He starts to look the part, just a piece of man meat, here to entertain, worship and serve both Goddesses. Then it's over the bench for some good old fashioned Cp from both Mistresses. He had made

New Year, New Rogues...

I thought I'd start the New Year with some new pics of the stars of the show....  


During the Christmas celebrations I was socialising with a group of very close lady friends. We were in an establishment that I'd not normally frequent, a bit on the youngish side for me. While there I happened to need to go to the little girls room. In there on the walls there were a few of the usual types of posters you would expect to see, ones promoting safe sex, promoting sexual health clinics and then there was a new one on me, one on how to cope with Stalkers. Two things struck me about this. Firstly, that it's sad we have now got to a situation that stalking is becoming more and more common to the extent that there are dedicated women police officers and help groups offering support for this type of harassment. The second is more encouraging, that the support groups etc are targeting a younger age group of women to educate them that this type of crime is not to be tolerated, and that taking it seriously is a better way to address it than brushing it under the carpe