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Double Domme Sessions

I've had quite a few people looking for D/D sessions lately however, due to busy schedules we've been unable to accommodate in the last week or two. This will probably be the same until at least after 10th December. If you want to book a D/D session before Xmas I'd suggest you get your skates on. Please get in touch with as much advance notice as possible and it always helps if your schedule can be a tiny bit flexible. Trying to sort out the diary of 3 people sometimes can be a nightmare. Having said that, I'm reliably informed that the D/D sessions are truly worth the time and effort given to arrange...:D

Luscious Latex

I don't normally get the chance to take pics with anything more than just the subject in it. Doing Double Domme sessions lately have meant I've been able to stand back and take one or two pictures during the proceedings. The lucky sub here was enjoying some hand over mouth breathplay as you can see and was getting well and truly spaced. There was lots of rubber, both Dommes were in catsuits and so was our sub. I think we spoiled him too much with rubber overload. I've been enjoying the D/D sessions immensely and the feedback we've had has been great. Though one complaint is that there is no let up...:). Usually my subjects get to take a breather while I set up for my next procedure if it's medical, or while I get some kit ready if in the main chambers. No such luck with D/D sessions, it's full on, full stop!