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Kwaher....for the time being

Time for me to head off on my adventure that's going to take me to two different continents, and 3 different climates. I'm all packed and ready to rock. I just hope I take the right bag to the right continent or else I might be standing at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in my bikini! I had intended to do a bit more blogging. I had asked some people to write a blog post about our sessions for me to post as my time was getting even more limited online. However, I've not even managed to finalise that. So much training, planning and packing has meant lots of things I intended to do have gone by the wayside. Alas, something has always got to give. In other news, I've got a few additions to add to my premises. There has been no time to get these in place before my departure but rest assured I'm keen and excited to have them in as soon as I get back. Despite my hectic training program and limited time, kinky thoughts have rarely left my mind. So, despite thoroughly loo

Update and random nonsense

It's been almost a month since my last blog...tut tut. However, life is very hectic with me at the minute. I'm training most days for some length of time. Managing to hike at least one day a week and sometimes two. Other days I'm spending 4 hours in the gym. If I don't make it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro it will not be for the lack of training, it will most likely be altitude sickness. Having said that, I'm incredibly determined and will do everything I can to get there. The list of kit that I need is endless, so as well as the training I've been spending loads of time in outdoor shops and online researching and purchasing everything I think I need. Sometimes I've had to return items when I've been disappointed in their non existent all singing all dancing properties. A girl sometimes can never be satisfied! There have been some interesting developments with my training. I've discovered that my thigh muscles and my calf muscles have incre