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Sutures, Needles and Anaesthetic

I've been indulging in my favourite fetish, bloodplay , needles, sutures and all things medical. Not all totally expected but then life is never dull at the Fetish Clinic nor is the life of a Medical Mistress routine. I happened to use the biggest needles I've got (well except for the biopsy needles!) and pierced a deserving slut through the nipples on Monday. He took the pain well, didn't scream, he was warned, and basically endured probably his most painful activity for him to date just because I wanted to experiment with him. I wanted to see how much he could take pain wise after he had orgasm'd , and also to determine if his submissiveness diminished post orgasm. I've been interested in this for a while noting the difference in some people, but that's a whole other blog, for another time. Back to my nipple treatments, as I said he did quite well. He's managed to orgasm while enduring the insertion of a metal sound and some anal treatments

Roleplay again, this time with an idiot!

I've written a bit about roleplay recently but it would appear that I've not been terribly clear. So I'm going to dig deeper into my thoughts as well as trying to understand the psyche of others. Though I suspect I'm on a hiding to nothing with that one! This is going to be a long rant, get yourself a full fat, fully loaded, fully caffeinated coffee, or switch off now if you're feeling under the weather and not up for listening to me putting the world to right! I've always been extremely reluctant to give time, energy, web space and too much thought to the idiots that approach a Professional Domme with a view to wasting our time. I like to spend my time on the people who come to me, the ones who engage on my level and the ones who I get a huge buzz out of seeing. I'm of the opinion that you reap what you sow and giving time to negative influences can just lead to more negativity. However, sometimes those thoughts have to be put aside when there is somethin


I've been tempted in the past to say I don't do role play, but that's not strictly true. So then I've said, I only do role play as such with 2 or 3 people whom I enjoy some scenarios we've acted out together. In all of these 3 cases I've been sessioning with the person for a long time, one for over 5 years, the others about 3 years. I think it's fair to say I know them quite well. In my earlier days as a Pro-Domme I tended to experiment with role play a bit more often. Eventually deciding on just indulging with the few people that I had a great time with. Those that had an initial idea, something I could let my imagination run with. One in particular we immerse ourselves in it so much it's hard to not become so engrossed, that I forget who I really am, well I certainly do for the time we are in role. Mostly I avoid what you would typically call role play these days. I avoid it because I enjoy the ones I do but don't really want to indulge any mor