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Manchester, London and a Visit from The Hunteress

Just a quick update to fill you all in on my availability....I know how much you love these little details, seriously! Well a busy July is ahead with a trip to Manchester planned for over 14/15/16th. I'm already booked for the 14th and have only one session slot available on 15th and the 16th. It will be a busy few days but I'm really looking forward to it. I enjoy spending time sessioning at the fabulous premises of Mistress Sheba  and getting to use all of her excellent kit. The studio gum rubber is something that I covet every time I go! Next there will be the visit of The Hunteress  who will be conducting D/D sessions with myself over the dates of 24th-27th July inclusive. These sessions book up early so best get in touch soon. I suspect there will be increased demand as it covers both weekend and weekdays. As mentioned before The Hunteress is an expert in Cp as well as being very experienced in many other forms of Female Domination. Then into August I have m

Carrot, Stick or.....

Cleavage? What tends to work best? For one of my regular chaps it appears to be cleavage....ha! He's been visiting my chambers for a number of years now. I know what his triggers are, and know how far I can push him with pain. I also know that he has a bit of a thing for boobs/breasts/bad boys or whatever you like to call them. The holy grail of course would be to see them naked, uncovered and worship them but hey that's never going to happen. So this visit I decide to use his love of my upper anatomy to tease him beyond sadistic, whilst causing as much pain as is possible. Thus putting a smile on my face. Perhaps he would enjoy it too....ha! So we start with 3 sets of nipple clamps and I promise if he can take them then I'd undo 3 clips of my blouse. Sure enough he manages, it's painful but his mind is quickly distracted by the cleavage and the sight of my lace bra under the blouse. Moving on, another set. This time he really feels it but I move i