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Tie and tease, or torment?

What do you think of when you hear the term tie and tease? Do you think of being in bondage of some description, having no control, letting go? Do you think of feeling helpless and vulnerable? Do you think of feeling cocooned, safe and nurtured? Ok, so that's the tie part of it. Some people will identify with a few of these descriptions, a few might identify with them all but most people will agree that the tie part usually involves some sort of bondage. It can be leather, rope, latex, chains, bodybags or even just some simple silk scarfs depending on your likes. The tease part is a little more difficult to define. Some people see being in bondage and having anything done to them as tease. For a foot or shoe fetishist the tease could be a beautiful foot or heel kept just close enough to tempt, but not enough to worship. Some people will associate sexual provocativeness as a tease, something akin to what you'd expect at a lapdancing bar. And then some might have images of the