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Another Rogues Gallery

It's a busy time of year for everyone so I've not got time to do a proper blog. Though that's not to say there are not lots of things rattling about in my that the sutures have healed....:) Given that, I'm just posting a nice winter warming gallery to put a smile on my face at least!

Quick...another facial shot!....and Heavy Rubber

Following on from the great success of the last facial shot, I've decided to carry on with them as a theme.....this one shows off my eyes quite well I think, not sure the eyeshadow suits though. This is one half of the heavy rebreather combo that I talked about in this blog. The other half was being used by my rather lovely heavy rubber slut who had just been enjoying a very intense series of rubber clinic therapies as seen below.      My fellow rubber lover had been extolling the virtues of chlorinated rubber, especially for gloves. He's had a few items done and raved about them. Sure enough when I tried his gloves out I was well impressed. However, at the time I was in no need for any new rubber items and certainly not any rubber gloves. Then within the space of 3 weeks I totally shredded 3 pairs of gloves trying to pull them on mid scene without any talc, that'll teach me! So he very kindly obliged in restocking me with some lovely full length red gloves, short

Sutures, Surgery and Limited Availability

Further to my last post, I'd just like to thank everyone for their concern. I've had lots of email contacts asking after me following my head hitting the bar incident. I'm totally fine, 100% and have been since at least 10 minutes after it happened. Whether I appear sane and lucid is another story! The sutures have now been removed and my rather fetching blue highlights have gone....purple is more my colour anyway! Ok on to the Surgery now. I'm booked in for planned surgery on January 9th. I'll be in hospital for 2 days but have been told that I may need to stay off work for at least 3 weeks. Given I'm such a good patient (ok, maybe not so good with giving up control, but good with the pain side of things) then I'm thinking and hoping I might be back sessioning rather sooner than that. Given that, and the holiday season, I may well have limited availability until the end of January now. Even when I do come back to sessioning, I'm guessing that full