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Rogues Gallery

I've not done a rogues gallery since remiss of me! So it seems like a good time to sort out those pictures and give the stars of the show a bit more of the limelight.

Folsom Street Fair

Was totally amazing..... Here are some shots taken on the day..... JG leathers   Foxy Latex! I asked for him to be wrapped and sent to my room!   Fully wrapped!     Boy Twister

Quick....a facial shot!

It's been remarked upon before that people might like to see a facial shot of me. Despite religiously guarding my privacy, I've decided to just this once publish a shot of me without hiding my face. I hope you all like it. It's me running across the Golden Gate Bridge. I've pointed myself out just so you know which one of the runners on the bridge I was. Don't say I don't spoil you all! PS, It was an amazing day for running the bridge, the sky was clear, no fog or mist and the view across to San Francisco on the way back was just unbelievable.....!

Intorducing the Dude in the Hood!

While buying my arm mitts at Mr S leather they were so enthusiastic about their products that the guy serving me wanted to be sure I know the best and easiest way to put the arm mitts and shoulder strap on. He proceeded to talk me through putting them on constantly referring to the person who was going to be in the bondage mitts as the on he would go saying, get the dude to stand with his back to you, then get the dude to raise his arms and so on. I found this really amusing so when I first tried them out this weekend of course I required a Dude...and a dude I got. Once in the new bondage mitts, I decided to add in a hood, and therefore he then became the Dude in the Hood.......and amused me no end. I was also amazed by how quickly he became very spacey. I decided to attach the back of the shoulder straps to the suspension, not to suspend, just to cause a bit of disorientation while keeping the dude in an upright position, even if his knees felt weak at any point. I've

Wow, that was a trip and a half!

I'm a bit jet lagged, it's after 4am and I'm fully awake! So what else to do other than come here and get all excited about my new toys. I've indulged in a spot of retail therapy while away. It would have been more but for my weight restriction on my luggage for coming home....damn! So, here is a few pictures of a lovely new set of arm mitts/binders that I bought from Mr S Leather while I was in San Francisco. They smell amazing and I can't wait to use them. I think there might be one lucky person getting them tried out on him this weekend before I officially return to sessioning next week. They look amazingly versatile, and I especially like the idea of using them with suspension....just to get someone on their tip-toes....and feel vulnerable. I feel the need for a heavy bondage session coming on!!! Right, that is all for now, more later when I'm properly awake!