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Scheduling Appointments Post Covid

So I've had a lot of questions around best practice for going forward session wise especially as people know I'm a Nurse so there is an expectation that I will have all the answers. Sorry to disappoint, but I don't, nobody does. What I can say is that I will try my best to keep all those who come to see me safe, as well as keeping myself safe. What I do and what others do might well be different. I respect that others don't have the same set up as me, can't schedule appointments the same way I do and don't necessarily have the luxury of being able to fully control all aspects of their environment. I will go into the practical side of sessioning in detail to those who secure an appointment, but for today I want to address the issue of scheduling appointments when the time comes. We are a bit further behind here in Scotland with the phases of lockdown let up so again, things will no doubt be different in other parts of the UK. When I decide it is as safe as it can