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Quick Update Before Radio Silence

Well what a fun time I've had of late, busy busy busy. Last week saw the end of my anal trials with a fabulous and willing anal slut which means that I'm more than happy with my new F machine and what it can do, and how best to do it! I just need to stop myself buying bigger and wider vac-u-lock attachments, but I've been good so far. Mostly because I've been so busy. At the weekend I did an enjoyable fetish photo shoot with my amazing photographer who always makes me laugh so much I have to redo my make up. Having said that, you don't get to see much of my face so I needn't have worried. Then Monday it was off to London again with a case full of latex and nurses outfits to do filming sessions with the amazingly wicked and creative Mistress Miranda of Hanwell.  We had a variety of patients booked in for the day so we were never bored and kept those patients on their toes. Below is a pic of a rather lovely gentleman who didn't manage to book into the cl