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Festival of Sins

I know, the title is pinched and in no way original. But it's late and I've been running on empty for the best part of a week now. So, festival time is here again in Edinburgh. Edinburgh comes alive in August, and I get very busy with my regular festival visitors. This year is no exception, and due to that my planned auction of another session has had to be forgotten. I just don't have the time to organise, nor fit it in. Last month I offered those coming to see me an extra half hour to their booked session time if they were happy to put a donation (any size of donation) into my charity box. This offer has proved really popular, so instead of auctioning off just one session I'm going to extend this offer until I go away in September. You just need to let me know at the time of booking that you would like to add this to your booked time so I can schedule it in. I'm now training 6 days a week and hiking the other day, so as you can see my session times have beco