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Return and Onward Journey

As most of you are probably well aware by now I've returned from my trek and travels. Things went splendidly well and not only did I totally smash the trek having done a huge amount of training but I managed (with a huge amount of help from my lovely gents) to raise a fair amount of money for Marie Curie UK who provide terminal care and support for patients and their families. It was a trek that at times was very challenging for sure. The temperatures dropped quite significantly overnight which made camping in the wilderness with very basic facilities interesting. The high altitude makes trekking a lot more difficult and there is definitely a psychological strain on each individual when doing something as physically challenging as this. Of course this is not my first challenge of this nature having done Mount Kilimanjaro and The Great Wall of China. However, each one brings it's own unique set of difficulties that need to be considered. For me severe allergies to insec