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Nipple Treatments at the Clinic

It was a nipple treatment kind of day at the clinic. First I decided to increase sensitivity on both nipples by a bit of traction. Then I decided to add in the lower regions, just for balance. After they were thoroughly stretched, I decided to isolate the bud. That always helps with increasing sensitivity. Then I decided to check sensitivity by adding in more external stimuli. However, as the Clinician I'm not quite sure of the patients pain threshold just yet. I need experiment to get a clearer picture. Now that's better, even more so that it's equal on both sides. I'm getting a much better indication of the pain threshold now. And now lets take off the tourniquet around the bud and let that blood flow back in. I'm sure that will help in our nipple treatments. And now I let the patient relax. Lady Annisa My Medical Clips4Sale Store

Leaving the Real World Behind

I close the outer door behind me and check my watch. Two minutes to go - perfect. Not too early, and never, ever late. I take the opportunity for some deep breaths, watching the second hand sweep, and then press the button. With a jarring buzz, the inner door unlocks and I make my way upstairs, my heart rate increasing with each step. As ever, the front door opens as I reach it and I am welcomed. In seconds, I begin the journey into the mindspace that I reserve entirely for her. We chat about innocuous subjects, and then she brings the discussion around to now. We always have this conversation, yet for a long time it has felt superfluous, unnecessary. She has my complete trust, and my body and mind are blank canvasses for her artistry. She knows this, I know that she knows this, and still we talk. We move to the next element of the choreography, separately preparing for the physicality, knowing that it is but one manifestation of the connection between us. Kneeling naked