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Double Trouble with The Hunteress

Yes the Hunteress,  that Hunteress! I'll be doing Double Domme sessions on 2nd and 3rd March with my partner in crime for the few days. She really needs no introduction, but if for some reason you've not heard of her, be warned, she is a serious sadist. We would particularly enjoy applications from people who enjoy pain either in a dungeon or a medical setting. She is a brilliant Disciplinarian with CP being one of her loves and specialities. So, who's man enough to apply? Lady Annisa My Medical Clips4Sale Store

Vaginal Weightlifting

I knew that would get some attention! So here's the story. Someone I know is enjoying doing some vag weight training. I know her well enough now to have had a fairly in depth conversation about her reasons for doing it. I won't go into them here because that's not my story to tell, suffice to say she is embarking on this as a very empowering exercise and to enjoy the benefits of hot sex. The programme she is doing is run by a very famous vag empowering expert by the name of Kim Anami . There are various different programmes to increase sexual enjoyment and one of them is Vaginal Kung Fu. Having a strong vagina apparently leads to loads of benefits as articulated in This Video.   Sadism being one of them as I quote from Kim's site ' A friend of mine knows a woman in Thailand, who has put three men in the hospital because she does not know her own strength (of her vag I'm assuming!) And while I'm up for causing as much pain as I can at times, my inner sadi