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Bladder Control

Giving up control mentally or physically, which is the hardest? That has got to be a difficult one and possibly a debate for another day. However, one aspect of physical control that crosses into mental control and letting go, is letting someone else control your body functions. Now I'm not interested in controlling one's bladder just to see them piss themselves. What I'm into is the whole dynamic, how I choreograph it from start to finish. How we started off with a very proud and in control individual, and how that individual ended up letting his bodily function go to the extent he pissed himself, just because I wanted him to. And not only doing this, but doing it whilst every fibre of his mind and body are screaming no, no, no. For social conditioning plays a strong part in how we conduct ourselves. How many times have you been unable to pee when you've been aware of someone else in the vicinity. Even if it's just the fact they can hear you. Many people can't

Public Play

  For some this title has probably conjured up images of fetish clubs and being whipped mercilessly in front of a crowd. Whilst I've had a taste of doing that, mostly abroad, I'm much more in favour of subtle D/s whilst out in public. Getting to whip someone, hang things from their balls or invade them quite intimately is something I get to do lots of. What I don't get to do lots of is D/s in a normal environment. I manage to indulge, just not as much as I would like. Mainly because many of my visitors are married and the risk of being seen in public with someone other than their significant other can be too daunting. When I do get the chance for a submissive to accompany me out in public, and for me to take him exactly where I want to go, then I relish it. The build up usually starts at my premises when he is fitted with some suitable attire. that can be anything from slut panties, to cock ring, to chastity device, even a corset under his clothing. Recently I t