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Insanity Calling

Insanity seems like home every time I get a new phone, and today was no different. This phone was bought for me, like my last 2 by someone who knows me well, and knows how frustrated I get when I cannot figure out how to work the bloody things. Hence the reason I've never gone for a Blackberry et al, I would have stomped on it with my best Jimmy Choos (aka, a good old pair of Doc Martins) or fed it to the dog when the going got tough. So the features for my new phone as always, I think, are quite straightforward. It should be the same make as my last one, one or two models up, have the same basic functionality, and easily accept any data to be transferred over.....sounds simples so far (as Aleksandr would say!) Not so in my little world today......:( Today was a day of communication drought, no phone calls to be had, no texts (not that they are allowed) no groovy ringtone, no address book, not even a hint of a carrier pigeon called Speckled Jim. However, I kept my cool, didn&

Time for Some Pervery

I've now been back over a week and fully back into the swing of things. Including enjoying my new toy, well, when I say toy it's more of an addition. I've had overhead suspension for a while, but with no winch it made it quite limiting, though it was good enough for what I wanted initially. This was in essense to raise someones arms above thier head and give a sense of vulnerability. It soon became apparent to me that what I wanted was much more flexibility in creating vulnerable states. So while I was off trekking half way around  the world my two trusted house slaves camped out at my place to do a few odd jobs, and to put a big smile on my face by fitting an electric winch. And smile I did!!!! I'm absolutely delighted with it and what I can do with it. I've been hampered at the moment by that fact I don't have proper suspension cuffs but I've still been able to have fun using rope, my suspension bar and some imagination. With any free time I've ha

Wow Moments

There have certainly been plenty of Wow Moments in my life over the last few weeks. This being one of them, after spending half a day trekking and bushwhacking our way up onto the Great Wall. You just about catch your breath from the hiking to have it taken away again by the enormity of the view and the scale of what you are standing on. Thanks to everyone who supported me on this trek, be it financially with sponsorship (almost £3600 raised at last count!) or emotional support due to my reasons for doing it (especially bill, ian and Alan) and also those who gave practical help and support (bill and ian again, as well as Ann, Alan and David). Without all these people in my life, I would not have even attempted this challenge never mind completed it. Massive kudos to you all. Lastly I'd just like to thank S, the reason I did this challenge..... Miss You Much , never far from my thoughts!

Invasions and insertions.

I've been doing lots more medical sessions these days. Which is understandable as my new medical site just went live about a month or so ago. I don't like prescriptive sessions so the people who have come to me (and I guess the people who I appeal to) are ones who quite happily give up control as well as have a medical fetish. These two aspects are not mutually exclusive, thankfully, so when combined it makes for my ideal patient...:) Which brings me onto what I wanted to talk about...invasions, either anal or urethral. I love to do both in a slow, controlled manner. Always reminding the patient that they are giving up control for a reason. I enjoy pointing out the fact that I see it as a role reversal. A compliant male being made to submit to penetration by the female, having to open themselves up, either enjoying or not the vulnerability that these actions and feelings bring. It's quite a headtrip I find. In some cases the patient likes to watch as the shiny urethral