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Just a quick little blogette to say that I've been doing quite a bit of de-cluttering in my life. It's very cathartic and therapeutic. So a lot of unused, unwanted and surplus stuff has been cleared out in the past few weeks. I've taken this new found addiction of mine to my chambers and started to get rid of stuff I don't use and no longer need. With this in mind I've also got some belonging of people who haven't managed to get to see me in a while. Unfortunately I don't have an infinite amount of storage space so my own goodies get priority. I'll be getting rid of those items in the next week unless you get in touch to make arrangements for them. I've just had a vision of trying to sell some of this stuff at a car boot sale! It's either that or it makes a rather interesting bonfire. I'm also going to have to say from now on....with my minimalist addiction taking over, that I won't be able to store items for anyone else in the fu

How do you want to feel?

It’s a strange question, and one you’ve probably never been asked in the context of kink/fetish/D/s. For most of my Pro-Domming career I’ve asked people about the activities they are interested in as well as how they identify themselves. This has obviously given me an insight into compatibility. However as time goes on I've come to realise that a better question to ask is how you want to feel?  When I've explored with people disappointments from the past, it always boiled down to not feeling how they wanted or envisaged.  So I’ll ask again how do you want to feel? How do you want to feel before a session, during a session and after a session. Do you want to feel vulnerable? scared? calm? high? relaxed? humiliated? controlled? degraded? release (emotional)? open? free? liberated? nurtured? restrained? brave? heroic? connected? For me, in session I want to feel connected, energised, creative and entertained. This underpin can where we start and then our

A Possible Nurse Induced Tachycardia!

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