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All tied up in knots

Actually, the title is a lie, there is only usually one knot if any in most of my ropework. I love spending time and being methodical when doing ropework. I find something almost hypnotic doing it, and I mean hypnotic for me. Many have said being on the receiving end is hypnotic, but I can also get into that trance like state just slowing working through the next pull, making sure it is tight, evenly spaced and looks good. I do so love the asthetics of good ropework. I tend to take my little rope pet over to the mirror to show them how they look front and back so they get an appreciation of the asthetics too. Most, if not all love to look at themselves all bound up, almost as much as I like to look at them all bound up.

Today's offering

A few from the archive. December 2009, one of my Christmas presents to myself. I had him wrapped especially.