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Back from my Holiday

Things are just getting back to normal now after my week away resting, walking and a bit of perving with my new toy the Erostek 312b . I had a lot of fun having two willing or not so willing subjects wired up to it at the same time, alternating the power and intensity. I did wonder if the neighbours would question what all the howling, punctuated with laughing was all about. Luckily, as far as I could tell, he was an elderly deaf gentleman who probably was oblivious other than when his lights would go out with the power surge downstairs kicked in....:) So, I'm now back and happily comfortable with using my new piece of kit which I've drooled over for a long time. The trouble with buying new pieces of equipment, is that as soon as the wrapping is off, I'm wondering what was next on my wishlist.

Playground Antics.

While chatting to someone last week he mentioned that I must get the odd person who comes to me whose body I find repulsive. This took me aback. Unless someone is lacking in personal hygeine then I'm never phased by any body, even the ones that don't work that well! I've always had a fascination with bodies, male, female, big, small, fat, thin....the lot. As long as it was breathing then there has always been something interesting about each one. I'm fascinated by different shapes and sizes, and although bodies are basically the same, I'm interested in the different reactions and how widely they can vary depending on what you're doing to them. I'm also fascinated by how certain physical sensations have such a profound effect on the headspace of someone at any given time. I view bodies as my playground. Somewhere for me to get lost in, to use, have fun with, manipulate, contort, control and just generally please myself with. I'm beginning to think I&