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Q & A Monday!

I had this idea, quite a while ago. As it happens I have lots of ideas, and always they rattle about for ages before they come to fruition. What can I say I am a busy woman with many different interests and fet my friend, is just one of them! So the idea was to ask a few of my chaps a list of questions. Not because I didn't know the answer, but because I thought it might be interesting for others out there to realise that what they feel, or how they have felt is something someone else has been feeling too. Alternatively, it can be an opportunity to get another perspective on the different people with whom I engage. So I asked these questions to people who identify on the whole as being submissive, people who identify as masochists and people who identify as fetishists. Bear in mind though that there is usually to a lesser or greater degree a crossover with these different aspects of themselves. Hope you enjoy and find it interesting. Interview with a Wicked Woman!

Challenges for 2015 and Tribute Increase.

Happy New Year! It's that time of the year again when everything gets evaluated. So have you made your New Year's Resolutions yet? Do you even have any? Mine are quite personal so I'll not add them here but I will divulge that I've given myself quite a few challenges and goals with soul to achieve in 2015. My big challenge comes in October when I'll be off to foreign climes to do a charity challenge. As part of this challenge I need to raise £3200. So as well as the big challenge I'll be doing mini challenges throughout the year to help my fund raising effort. So if you're bored, fed-up or just plain sick of me asking people to sponsor me then best to stop reading my blogs for the whole of 2015...:) Incidentally, whilst I'm truly grateful for all the support and sponsor money that people do give me, I in no way expect people to do it and won't hold it against anyone who feels that this just doesn't feel like the best way to give to char

Making a Christmas Tart

Time has been short lately as I've been having too much fun to write blogs. So I need to rectify that and soon. This offering comes a bit late in the holiday season but still a few days left to enjoy a bit of leisure time. I certainly enjoyed making this tart. Some of you may know one of my vanilla hobbies is baking, and when I came across a certain kind of rolling pin lately the first thought I had was not how to use it in the kitchen, but how to use it in the dungeon. So to get the tart ready I started off with getting the ingredients. One slut, one red bra/panties/suspenders set and a few bits of Christmas tinsel and baubles. Then it was time to hang some added weight to the tart (from the nipples of course) Next knead the undercarriage, personally I read this as kick, stomp or dig your heels in. All make for a very compliant and easier to manage tart. Next warm the tart to just above room temperature. A good hand spanking will do. You can even use