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New Medical Website

Well in case you've missed my twitter feed let me update you on my goings on. I've finally finished the updates or revamp to my medical site  here, go look! I've still got one or two things to add to the site. One is a whole new latex order that's almost in my sweaty palms. I'm waiting patiently today for the delivery which I hope is in time for a big all day session tomorrow that I might just make all about Latex. Or I might just make him wait, I'm sadistic like that! Anyway, back to the site. There have been a few glitches as always with a new site but I think they've been resolved now. If you do see anything obvious please let me know. With the launch of the new site and the added investments I've made (and still making) there has been a slight increase in the tribute. Details are on both websites. I'm sure as always you will agree….I'm worth it! As an added side note, I've got one day availability on 6th April in Mancheste