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Session Auction

As some of you know, previously I've auctioned off a 2 hour session to raise funds for my charity challenge. So it's that time again to go under the hammer as it were. The deal is that you can place a bid by email to me and tell me the maximum you'd like pay for a 2 hour session. Then the highest bidder gets to do just that....simples! A few rules from me though to take into consideration before bidding. 1. The bids must not be for sessions already booked. 2. I must have sessioned with you at least once before, ensuring our interests match. 3. The bids should be received by me by midnight on the 5th April. 4. The session can be a general session, a medical session or a mixture of both. 5. You will have 2 months from the end of session to arrange a mutually suitable date for the session. As before, all proceeds from the auction will go fully to Marie Curie Cancer Care. There will be another opportunity to bid for an auction session again in August. Hap

Weekend sessions, have you something better to do?

I recently had someone ask me at short notice for an appointment today in my clinic. He doesn't often get the chance to session at the weekend and was hoping I could fit him in. I limit my weekend sessions normally, and certainly only do one session which then leaves me time to still enjoy the weekend. So anyway, getting back to today, I had made some arrangements with family members to meet up and do some official family business dealing with the bereavement I had last year. Given this chap was probably wanting to give his excuse as being away at footie, his window of opportunity was around the footie game. This clashed with my arrangements, but since he's been coming to me on and off for nearly 5 years and he doesn't get a chance often then I decided, if I could, I'd rearrange my appointment for earlier in the day to give me time to get to my premises. I asked the 2 other members of my family if they would mind meeting early. Luckily there was enough notice for them t

Twittering on!

I've now signed up for Twitter, so if reading my inane ramblings here is not enough, you can keep up to date with my day to day nonsense Here .

Rubbery Goodness! (My 100th Post!)

I've been on a shopping spree again, well not so much a smash and grab kind of shop, more a deliberate and considered look at what I didn't have and what I could do to remedy the situation. As it stood at the beginning of the year, I had a fair amount of Latex to keep most latex lovers happy. What didn't make me happy was the fact that what I had catered for those of a medium/normal size. It meant that should you be on the smaller side, or the larger side then my latex wouldn't really do it for you. With that in mind I've now added to my collection. I've added in a small latex catsuit that has been chlorinated so is easy to slip on and off.  I've added to it with a larger Regulation straitjacket that is very heavy and thick weight latex. On Monday I took possession of a long awaited latex bondage catsuit in extra large. This suit is amazing with straitjacket arms to restrict in all sorts of positions. What's nice about this is that it doesn&

Medical Mistress, is this how it is?

Recently someone who has been to see me regularly over the years sent me a link with an hour long Medical Scene in it. He's never done medical and wanted to know if this clip was representative of how a medical session would be. He's obviously curious and typically a bit nervous at the prospect of some of the more challenging scenes in the clip. It took me a few days before I had the time to fully view the clip given it's length. Afterwards I wrote back to him to say that all of the activities were absolutely things that can and do happen in a medical session, depending on pre negotiated limits, but in general it was indicative of the things that I do. What I did have to point out just because I am pedantic in this context is that there were a whole catalogue of errors in the clip when it comes to cross infection potential. Now I'm not normally one to criticise how someone else does things. However, when it comes to Medical sessions where the potential for prob