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Mediocrity melts my mind!

I've got a few things running through my mind at the moment that I want to blog about, they are all loosely related so I'm going to try to put them all into one big mish mash of a blog and see how it turns out. Despite being busy I've been struck by my lack of bondage bunnies to session with lately. I love bondage, it's a passion and an art. One that I'd say I'm probably more passionate about than artistic but I'm always looking to improve, but I need my bondage bunnies to do it. I fear they've all gone on a sabbatical! I'm wondering if it's because I've been blogging more and tweeting more of my medical antics lately and therefore bondage bunnies think my passions have waned in that area or just that anyone looking at my blog or twitter feed would be forgiven for thinking I'm more drawn to medical myself. Getting my new medical site up and running, filming clips for my medical clips4sale store, and generally upgrading the medical ro