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Gags part 2

Thank you for all the comments on my gags, part 1 blog. So here is part 2. If you want to reread part one, here it is! I was sessioning with one of my fabulous rubberist guys at the weekend. He happens to be a gag slut too and reminded me that I still had this blog to write. We spoke a bit about tape gags and he mentioned microfoam tape. I've yet to use it to gag, but have used it for it's primary purpose. However, given how it looks in the picture below, I think I'll have to give it a try soon. I love how you can see all the contours of the lips in it. I enjoy having someone taped, or when they have latex over their face, just running my tongue along the contours of their lips, it's electric!...ok, enough of this or I'll be the one drooling. I was reminded by the good Lady Grey of some of the simpler methods of gagging that I'd forgotten to mention. Stockings, lingerie, the above mentioned tape over mouth etc. One way of doing this so that there is n

Anal Antics.

Those that follow twitter will have read small snippets on my recent purchases for anal play. Going back to the beginning, then I'll fill you in (ohh er matron!) on how anal play began for me. When I first stated exploring BDSM all those years ago, anal play was probably close to being on my hard limits list. More because it didn't do much for me and not that I was turned off by it, just not turned on. Then I met someone who was lets just say anally fixated. Though his desire for anal was clear, also was the fact that I didn't want to go near it. However, as that relationship developed into something quite meaningful, I started to wonder what it would be like to anally fuck my boy. This curiosity went on for quite a while until I decided I wanted to try it to see how I felt about it mentally as well as physically. Anyway, the short route to the answer is I enjoyed it...a lot! But then I wasn't sure if I had enjoyed it so much because I was doing something so intimate