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Big Birthday Month

So September brings around my Birthday. This year is a big birthday, a big big birthday. Are you getting the picture of how big this birthday is? Good! I don't have a wish list published (though I do have one) and a few people have been asking me what would I like. So for the first year ever and because it's a big birthday I'm going to advise that people can contribute to something that I really want to buy myself. I have my eye on a pair of very exclusive red leather thigh boots. They cost way more than your average pair of boots and for years I've thought about buying them but end up spending the money on some bit of kit or another. However, now, after 11 years of doing this, the bit of kit that I want is for me, but hey I'm sure you guys will enjoy them too. So if you'd like to contribute to my birthday gift then get in touch, there are many ways to send cash. For those lucky enough to be visiting me in the next few weeks before my birthday you can get