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My Bondage Heroes

My hero's is going to be a little mini series of blogs inspired by a conversation I had with someone about who and what inspires me. Mistress Miranda of The Bondage Mistress was one of the first websites I saw of a Mistress who really and truly knows her stuff. Way back in the day when I first started surfing online her website really stood out from the rest. In those days there was no video images just stills. What she had on her site was a magnitude of stills that showed a great deal of passion, inventiveness and dedication. Some were of session bondage and some were photoshoots set up especially. Either way, they really did inspire me to start trying to recreate some of it, mostly the more basic stuff initially. It also gave me ambition, to have something to strive towards, and to try to push myself to become more inventive and creative. Which is what Mistress Miranda most certainly excels at. Over the years her practice has evolved too and she now has a most excellent  Membe

Double Domme Sessions with The Hunteress

I'm delighted to offer double Domme sessions with the well known, well respected Hunteress. She will be in our capital city of Edinburgh and available for sessions on Thursday 13th February, for one day only. The Hunteress really should need no introduction, however in case you've been in hiding for the last number of years then a link to her website is Here. We are able to offer most session content, be that Cp, bondage, heavy sadistic sessions or medical. If you're a fan of my medical clips4sale site you will have seen The Hunteress and myself interrogate and torture the poor asylum patient until he finally broke  here. Applications via my website, or direct email if we've sessioned before. Be quick as there is very limited availability. A deposit will be required unless you're well known to me. Lady Annisa My Medical Clips4Sale Store

Happy New Year!

Not a very witty post title I know, but it says it all. I hope you all had a good New Year celebration and wish you all the health, happiness and perviness in 2014. Right moving onto me, tis all about me surely, isn't it? Well I've had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Catching up with friends, family and managing to fit in a few pervy sessions in between. I always find a few sessions between the two holidays helps keep me sane and stops me from overloading on family and food. This is normally the time when I put forth my plans for the coming year, both personal and professional. This year is no different so here goes. I'll start with my personal plans. My plans for a cycle charity challenge have been knocked on the head as that particular challenge is no longer being run (or even cycled!) So the one I'm most probably going to do is another trek but it's planned for 2015. A bit of a nuisance having to wait so in the meantime I've decided to concentrate on