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I've just had another fabulous adventure down in the manically well equipped Hanwell Clinic of depravity. My accomplice as you're no doubt aware is the stunning  Mistress Miranda . We had the pleasure of quite a few patients at the clinic, after all the Junior Doctors were on strike so the Rubber Clad Nurses had to take over, and take over we did. Watch this space for the medical films on my clips for sale site or Mistress Miranda's bondage site.  We also did a bit of live streaming via  Adultwork  which was absolutely hilarious for us, the people watching but perhaps not so much for our patient. If you've ever wondered what goes on in a live session you can see by logging in to the site and catching Mistress Miranda when she is in session with a willing patient (please note that the patient being filmed with us, as with all her live streaming, has given his permission to be filmed). Her twitter feed will keep you updated of when she is streaming. So here we are,