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New Medical last

I would call this a labour of love, if in fact there was any love involved. Actually, that's not entirely true. I love my medical clinic, I love showing it off, I loved doing the video clips for it, I even loved doing the photography. I just didn't love the long hours trying to work out exactly how to get wordpress to do certain things. However, now it's all done I'm actually quite proud of it. Again I've had some (read, quite a lot) of technical input from a friend as well as picking the brains of other more technically minded Mistresses I'm in contact with. For all their help, I'm truly grateful.   Go here for shiny new stuff As far as the the non technical stuff then that's all me. The layout, the words, the overall feel. Some people assume we have webgimps who do everything for us. And while I've had a webgimp in the past, I've always taken great care and pride in making sure the site is authentically me. From the feedback I'


Below is an account of a recent Cp session I enjoyed, oh and he enjoyed it too. I don't get as much opportunity to do Cp at this level as I'd like. Either the person cannot take it to this level, or cannot be marked. If anyone reading this thinks he could take this and has no issue with marks, then I'd love to hear from them! I undress and wait naked, kneeling on the floor as required, listening for your approaching footsteps. It is over two years since my first visit to you as a complete novice. I feel a mixture of excitement with only a little apprehension. I should be nervous but I am not despite hearing the door opening quietly. You turn on the music and walk towards where I am waiting. Already I can feel adrenalin start to pump as I stare at the floor. Now you are standing in front of me and you stroke my back with your crop. It is impossible not to feel aroused. I sit up when instructed and let you attach a collar around my neck. I am then led the