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September Availability

Good news for those who have found I've been too busy to accommodate an appointment in August. Due to some changes in my travel plans I've now got some availability in September for sessions. In other news I've had a fabulous time with Double Domme sessions with both The Hunteress and with Mistress Miranda . A varied bag of masochists and submissives applied to see us and the devious treatments we dealt out ranged from full on Cp to medical invasion with naso-gastric tubes, permanent piercings and staples. Having said that, we did allow some less extreme forms of submission and one or two chaps enjoyed worshipping my new boots. Here is a pic of said boots for your visual pleasure. Don't say I'm not good to you!!! Plans are afoot for Mistress Miranda to visit Edinburgh in October for filming and non filming D/D sessions. If you'd like to be considered for an appointment you'd better get in touch soon. Lady Annisa My Medical Clips4Sale Store