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Ramping up the Challenges

So it's May, how did that happen? With just over 5 months to go to my challenge I'm stepping up my training this month to add in some gym work. If you know me at all you'll know I really don;t like the gym that much. The biggest reason is that I prefer to get my fitness fix outdoors and being in a testosterone filled environment is not what I'd call fun. However needs must as I want to add in some upper body muscle work and my hiking, running and cycling aint going to do that, so off to the gym I must go. As well as increasing the physical side of the challenge, I'm upping the focus on fund raising this month. With that in mind I'm going to add in some incentive (perhaps it won't be??) to increase the donations to the charity box. I've done this particular one before and it proved quite successful so I'm offering it again. The idea is that for those wishing to pop a donation in the box during the month of May I will add on an extra half hour