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The Evolution of Dominance

I've written before about activity led versus control led sessioning. This blog overlaps somewhat. It more relates to personal relationships than Professional ones though that in itself may overlap too. As I've said before, there are lots of activities I enjoy, some I absolutely love. When I first realised I had a Dominant streak BDSM was not even on my radar. I just knew that in relationships, I liked to be in control, I liked to be the one calling the shots. When I looked at the relationships I had and the men I was drawn to, I noticed I picked men who liked to be with someone like me. I did not have to wrestle with anyone for control, they happily gave up control, and for the most part it worked, and worked well. I've been thinking recently about how I was in the old days when there was not any particular BDSM activity in my life, just the exchange of power and I wonder how I got to where I am now. Don't misunderstand, I enjoy a lot of activities, I just wonder

Onwards, Upwards and Outward Bound!

I had a 3 hour session booked with one of my long term slaves on Sunday. It was such a glorious day, not something that happens often in Edinburgh and not one I was going to miss taking advantage of. So a last minute change meant throwing a select few items into a bag, dressing my slut in appropriate underwear and corset under his clothes and heading out into the sunshine to enjoy a bit of outdoor pervery. Given that Edinburgh city centre is jam packed at the moment with festival goers I decided it was best to head to the coast. Before long we were sitting on a lovely bench looking out over the water enjoying the suns rays while my little subbie boy was enjoying some carefully timed electric shocks to his cock and balls. It was most amusing, given that he had a corset on so was finding it difficult to sit comfortably in the first place. When I added in a little (or large) shock every now and then, I'm sure passers by thought he was having some sort of seizure, most embarrassing f

Festival of Kink

Well my little town of Edinburgh is heaving with lots of lovely interesting, outrageous, gorgeous and not so gorgeous people. Which can only mean one thing, the Edinburgh Festival is in town. I went out last night to see Camille O' Sullivan, a gorgeous vocalist with a cleavage and corset to die for. I've been to her shows a few times before and certainly was not disappointed. Though I was disappointed she did not come over and fawn over one of my male companions like she did last time. It was also an opportunity for me to wear a corset in public, far too rare an opportunity these days. My new clamp has arrived and I've already rigged it up onto my gyn chair and it works perfectly. One of my houseslaves is very clever with adapting various items and between the two of us we have come up with a fair few items that may just be making an appearance in the medical room soon. Before long I'm sure my medical room will resemble more of a mad scientists lab than a treatment


I'm having fun ordering new things for my premises. There is always something on my wishlist. Always something I want to modify to see if I can make it work better, be more ingenious with how it works and just generally add more kink and curiosity to the norm that could be called my premises. I've got a suspension of sorts. Not full suspension, but enough to have someone shackled. I do manage to winch up limbs but I would like to do it better. So I'm looking at electrical winches, or manual winches and all sorts of adaptable and pervertable goodies on hardware/ironmonger stores. I've also got an idea for a clamp to fix to my new gyn chair so that I can clamp the persons penis (ohh how clinical!!) to be held up out the way when I'm working on their balls. Not exactly neccessary, but I like the idea of it. I like the idea of bringing the mad scientist together with the Nasty Nurse for out of this world experimentation on my labrats. I just need a helping hand with t