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D/D Sessions with another Scottish Sadist 25th Jan

Well aren't you boys lucky. The year has started with a bang. I've managed to persuade a rather formidable fellow Scottish Sadist to come and Double Domme with me in at my premises at the end of January. Some of you may already be familiar with Mistress Rebekka Raynor for not only is she a fellow Scot who now sessions in London, but she did for a while hold sessions in Edinburgh just before I started on this road. Our paths never crossed at that time but I've always wanted to have the opportunity to work with her and now I get the chance. Which means you lucky guys also get the chance, albeit, your opportunity may well bring a little more pain than mine but will no doubt be just as enjoyable! If you are unfamiliar with Miss Raynor then just head over  HERE  to her website. As you will see her passion is first and foremost Cp. So anyone who thinks he can handle the two of us is more than welcome to apply. We are also interested in seeing anyone who has an interest in