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Holiday Reminder (Updated)

Unfortunately, I'm having trouble updating my site news. There should be a permanent solution to this on my return from sunning myself. So this is just a reminder about my holiday dates. I will be away from 22nd May until 5th June. I will have no internet access and will not be taking calls during that time. I will resume sessions on 6th June but already have no availability now until at least 9th June. In other news, the auction for the 2 hour session is going well and bids are sitting at £200 so far. There is only a week left now to get any further bids in.(Updated to say it's now sitting at £400) For those of you easily bored waiting on my return you can learn the words to The Vagina Song for my's certainly been amusing me lately!

Down the Rabbit Hole (A view from his perspective)

Once in, once I have looked into her face & exchanged hello's, I have to remind myself that this is real, not fantasy. Even so I can't be sure, it feels dreamlike. We spend some time chatting, I do like her company, she's nice. Chatting ends, we prepare to session. In the dim light I strip, kneel, wait. She enters slowly. With my head down, I can only see her shoes, but I can smell her. I feel giddy. She comes close and leans over me, my excitement increases but I don't move. She chastens me for not responding to her command as I have been taught, she will have to do this several times as I struggle to control my emotions, but in the end I learn that it is she who controls, not me at all. Dressed as she likes me, I kneel over the whipping bench. She straps me in. She uses her hand to smack my buttocks, its not too bad, her closeness easily compensates for the pain. She also uses a strap, and then a paddle- the paddle hurts-I don't like it- I say n

Oh bugger!

  Just as I've signed up for the Edinburgh 10k in October, I find out that my planned holiday trip to San Francisco coincides with it. Not to worry.....and not to be deterred, I've now signed up for the Glasgow 10k a month earlier. Fingers crossed nothing will come along and change this plan.   On the plus side....I'm going to San Francisco, and it coincides with the annual Folsom Street Fair , which I'm so excited about. Being in an environment that is so kink friendly and open will be such a contrast to the hide away society we are used to here in Scotland. I'm also looking forward to browsing the best in BDSM gear the US has to offer at the fair. I might just need an extra case for the flight back!

Enjoying the electrics

Since I bought my new Erostek box, I've found I'm using electrics more.....I just love it so much. With this in mind, I've bought quite a few duplicate implements and leads so that I can always have one sterilised and ready to use. Nothing worse than wanting to use something in particular to find out it's waiting to be autoclaved. While browsing around the net looking for duplicates of the sounds and anal plugs I've got, I found a new plug. One recently designed by Estim. Given its rocket shaped head, I thought this might just be something new and advantageous for trying to insert while I've got someone strapped to the gyn bed. I was not wrong, its shape means it glides in perfectly without having to get my poor patient to wriggle about at all.....he gets invaded in seconds. I'm loving it. And what's even better, they come in different sizes......I think I might just be going back for another one or two...:)

Increments of Intensity

Today I want bondage. I want to immobilise him. I want him to feel it, just a little bit at a time. Before I start to bind him I ensure I have him invaded. I want to take advantage when the time comes. I lube up the metal plug and slip it inside him. His moans tell me the plug feels cold. My first plan is to get him into the spandex bodybag. It's cool but warms up quickly. It's already positioned on top of the leather bodybag so that when the time comes I can slip him into that. The spandex has a hood. I know he can still see me to a degree......the first degree of intensity. He's enclosed lightly. I run my hands all over his body, over the bodybag. He's warm and responsive to my touch. Once I'm satisfied he is relaxed enough, I instruct him to bend his knees and I slip his feet into the leather bodybag. Pulling the sack over his shoulders I manoeuvre the rest of his body inside. Zipping up the bag I ensure the wires from the plug are free for when I need them. He