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More Rogues

While adding to my website gallery I've been rummaging around in my session photographs too. Time to give some of the stars of the shows a little bit of the spotlight I think!    

New Gallery

Has been added to my site here. Hopefully I'll get the chance to add more in the next week or so. For the timebeing....I'm busy, busy, busy!

Purging the Xmas Excesses and a Few Firsts.

His first session of the New Year, mine too. He looked a bit more rotund after his indulgences. Lack of exercise has no doubt played a part in his new girth too. I decide that exercise can be dealt with another day. Today my medical room needed to be used. The last few sessions before the New Year had been in the dungeon, and my Mad Scientist/Nasty Nurse urges had been getting stronger. I wanted to use him again, abuse him again and indulge in my favourite fetish. I knew he had been wanting to try the largest sound. He had mentioned it before. I always wait until I am ready to do anything new. So a New Year seemed like a good time to indulge him and see if he could take the size 32 Van Buren. He has taken a size 26 before, so it's quite a leap. After the usual preparation I started slightly lower in girth, firstly with the ribbed sound, then the size 28. These both produced a spacing of my Labrat, and a lot of lubrication from his cock. Then we move onto the size 30. I cou