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Update, New Purchases and Future Blogs.

Well hello my poor neglected readers. It seems that I just don't have as much time for blogging these days as I used to. May was the busiest month on record at my premises with sessioning and filming. As well as my kink life, my non kink life has been extremely busy this year with no let up. Not that I'm complaining, it's all good fun stuff. I've not stopped buying things for my premises of course, no matter how much I say I've got enough....kink kit is like handbags and shoes, you can never have too much. As well as my lovely Medical Green and Scrubs Blue latex patient gowns and theatre masks (see below) I've commissioned a fabulous thick and heavy Black Patient Gown with buckles for use in rubber clinic therapies. It looks and smells fantastic. When it comes to restraint in general I've purchased a nice heavy rubber body harness restraint can be seen Here on the Fetters website. That won't be with me until after 24th unfortunately. As well as that