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Busy, busy, busy.

I've been snowed under...literally, with one thing and another lately. Lots of fun has been had though. It does not look like easing up over the next few days then Christmas will be upon us. So I'm taking this opportunity to say Merry Christmas to everyone who reads my blog, either publicly or anonymously. Thanks for the comments over the past few months and keep them coming. Thanks also, to everyone who supported me with my challenges this year, sorry guys but it looks like there may be one or two more in 2011. Not to worry though, it's all for a good cause (Marie Curie Cancer Care), they do such brilliant work. It's easy to get caught up in all our own wishes and desires, be they kink or vanilla so when people have taken the time and effort to support me in my charity challenges it is very much appreciated. I've still got one more donation to collect which I'm hoping to do before the end of December and then I can publish the exact amount raised this year.

Christmas Wishes

I've been asked what I'd like from Santa....or at least from my lovely visitors. Please be assured that a gift is not required, I'm just helping out those that have asked. So here is a small list of some of the gifts I'd love to receive from the tiny, to the more droolworthy! 1. Fragranced candles for my premises. I love ones with Christmas scents, so cinnamon, cranberry and spices are all good. 2. Bondage tape, white preferably but any colour will make me happy. 3. The standard latex medimask hood, size large from here. 4. These  gorgeous babies....don't they look fab??? 5. Another gorgeous bondage item  here. 6. Amazon gift vouchers sent to my email address...simple. 7. The inflatable pecker gag for the controller hood from here. 8. The extreme neck corset also from here. So there you have it, all the things I want from Santa. I know most ladies love chocolate, but this year I'm giving it a miss. So if you bring me chocolates, you might just find

The Bondage Chronicle (Part 2)

I leave him to sit in the bondage chair a few minutes longer while I clear away a few items. He needs a rest. When I'm done I slowly release him from his hood. I bring the hood off in such a way that I control how much vision he gets bit by bit. Then I allow him to see me, see right into my eyes as I'm face to face with him. He is still glazed. Ok, more time for him to recover is needed. I slowly take the straps off but never take my vision from him. I maintain eye contact throughout. I don't think he knows when the last strap is off that he is released. Only when I command him to stand up does he notice. While standing I place his arms back in the standard straitjacket position and lead him into the cell. I don't want total darkness this time. I want him to see how dark it is. I want him to see my silhouette as I close the cell door. I want his eyes to adjust gradually and for him to see the outline of the chains and cuffs hanging around the cell. I place him in the he

The Bondage Chronicle (Part 1)

So he was to come at 1pm. The snow being a close companion for the last week or so meant we were both running late. Our friend who was meeting us later had to cancel altogether due to the snow. I knew therefore, we had no time constraints. I'm not sure if he knew that, just yet. So coffee was made, general chit chat was had, then time to move next door. He didn't know what was planned. I knew exactly what I wanted and having more time meant I was going to get exactly that. He was naked, as usual. His smell I love, most men smell good, he smells especially good. His skin is warm, it always is. I run my crop over his back and see him sigh. He still has his head down and can only see my boots. When I allow him to see me he makes more noises, I chuckle. I start off very basic. I want to lull him into a false sense of security. Or perhaps I want him to think 'is that it, is that your best shot'? I place cuffs on his wrists and ankles, a collar around his neck, a leathe