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Q and A Monday again!

It's been quite a while since I posted the one of these. The last one can be read  here...go read!   * Edited to add that this post is not written by me, it's written by someone who visits me*  I hope you enjoy reading this one as much as I did. 1. Do you recall when you first had a fetish/submissive/masochistic thought or idea? I would sometimes play a game of "prisoners" with a girl who lived in my street. I was about seven or eight. My most vivid memory is of a time she had "captured" me and it was decided I would be "imprisoned" under her bed. I remember wriggling feet-first into the narrow gap, lying face upwards with the underside of the mattress a few inches away, hemmed in by boxes on each side and enjoying the feeling of being "trapped" in an enclosed space, helpless and under someone else's control. I also remember thinking that the punishment would be worse - and also more enjoyable, though I didn't und

Talking MedFet on NiteFlirt

I've been taking calls on NiteFlirt and from the reaction of some of my visitors to my premises it appears that everyone is rather interested in the whole thing. So let me give you a little bit of insight into why I've gone down this road. Firstly as you probably know I've been visited quite a bit over the years by The Hunteress who is sadly (for all of us) retiring soon. We have had lots of conversations around the different areas to involve our Pro- Domming and the digital world. Until around 5 years ago all I ever did was physical sessions. Then she came one time to help me film some promo clips for my site. I enjoyed it so much I decided to do filming on a regular basis and she gave me lots of advice on how to go about that. At the time, and still now, I was never interested in running a members site due to the work involved. I knew first hand from her and other Pro-Domme friends that it was not just as easy as filming and throwing those films on a website and wa

Domina Liza Visits Edinburgh

During a rare flying visit to Scotland  Domina Liza  will be offering Double Domme sessions with myself on Friday 24th June. Already one of our slaves is quaking in his boots at the thought of us both being let loose on him. The poor slave has sessioned with us both individually so he's got a fair idea of what we could be like together. With this rare visit comes the opportunity for you to apply to be another one of our playthings for the day. Please get in touch via my website to apply to serve, used or abused. Be aware that if you are not known to me then a deposit to secure your session will be required. Lady Annisa My Medical Clips4Sale Store